NetACE 5G Assurance & Automation Solution

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Architecture tends to consume everything else it has become one's entire life.- Shoko mugikura -

Meeting the operation needs of 5G Services and Networks

5G is a gamechanger. Not only for the end-users but also in terms of Service Assurance.
As we look toward next-generation hybrid Networks, we can see that the traditional management solutions will soon be obsolete.
5G Networks are Virtual and Cloud, Disaggregated, more complex to control and manage. This requires a different approach for SLA Fulfillment & Assurance, Planning, and Scale using automated operations.
We’ve come a long way from the old legacy approach of building a static and rigid network capacity and coverage – The Network must be Dynamic, Adaptive, and Automated.

Reactive – OUT, Proactive – IN!

With this paradigm shift, Next-Gen Networks require smarter tools to handle new cloud networking deployments, edge computing, and most importantly – to be able to predict network outages and potential performance bottlenecks that lead to poor end-user applications behavior.
After all, enhanced customer experience and greater satisfaction from new services is the whole point of 5G, isn’t it?

We need a Hero

To Manage a complex hybrid network environment including Virtualization, IoT, cloud, and legacy – You need an AI-powered Assurance solution.
NetACE paves the way for the future with Automated Assurance solutions, including Performance Monitoring, Fault Management, Network & Topology Discovery, and Service Management in a single cloud-native platform.
Powered by Machine learning that drives Proactive Automated Root Cause Analysis and predictions – all wrapped up in a unified state-of-the-art platform.

Work Smarter – Not Harder

As we transition to the next generation of smarter networks, you can expect the following benefits by using an Automated Assurance Solution –

  • Opex and Headcount Cut in Half – due to automation and the retirement of legacy manual processes.
  • Reduced Ticket volume by 75%
  • SLA Metrics – significantly Improved, together with service stability and customer satisfaction.
  • Quickly introduce new technologies without increasing Capex/Opex
  • Reduced Customer Churn and ultimately – Increased Revenue

Does it fit my Network?

Yes. NetACE Assurance Solution stands out with a key feature – Modularity.
This Modular, Cloud-native solution enables the independent deployment of each assurance module, so you can start small and expand as needed.
It’s Flexible and Open – operators and partners can add new technologies and adapters, train and test various ML models, and leverage open TMF APIs and Kafka for rapid integration with existing OSS/BSS.
While completely Cloud-native and Future-proof, it still supports Legacy Networks and Services – all in a single platform.

And with a convenient business model, suitable for small and large service providers and enterprises, you can Grow-As-You-Go and make sure this glove always fits your needs and capabilities perfectly.

The world is changing rapidly towards open and disaggregated hybrid networks and services, and you need a flexible and adaptable solution that can help you in that journey, and show you the big picture.

We might not have flying cars soon enough, but with NetACE – you’ll be ready for anything coming your way.


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