Multi-Vendor Agnostic EMS Solution: CSP’s Catch 22

27 - December 2021
Multi-Vendor Agnostic EMS
By Ohad Kamer
The Telecom industry is Changing.

The Hardware and Tech we use have gone a long way since the old Legacy boxes we set up in the 70s.
5G is deploying, there are more manufacturers, and the market is growing.
A recent solution – Multi-Vendoring – is getting too complex and expensive (Opex/Capex-wise), in this ever-changing field.
Unfortunately, any CSP that wants to upgrade its services must invest a huge amount of funds.

So, should they stay behind the curve, or spend more than they can afford?

Analysys Mason, one of the telecom industry’s leading consulting firms, recently published a highly insightful report titled “Multi-vendor network management: bridging legacy and 5G networks”;

“Digital transformation and network disaggregation have fuelled CSPs’ approach towards multi-vendor networks. This shift away from expensive and proprietary networks offers greater control and flexibility, and allows the CSP to select from best-of-breed products and applications.”

Nevertheless, as the report’s co-authors Anil Rao and Andrew Killeen point out:

“The legacy element and network management solutions have been built as closed systems… and require custom integrations with a higher-layer OSS.

This proprietary management layer creates individual vendor silos, increases the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the network, and makes 5G network economics unsustainable in the long term.”

CSPs and large enterprises would like to fully embrace the benefits of best-of-breed vendor selection, including disaggregation and virtualization, avoiding the vendor lock-in of yesterday’s siloed architecture.
They will also have to address the challenges of unifying their legacy installed base and multiple EMSs under a single management roof without requiring significant and expensive integration efforts, whether in-house or using an experienced system integrator.

This is where Atrinet’s NetACE comes to play

An open-network automation and management platform based on a low-code, model-driven design environment.
This allows for ultrafast design and onboarding of new devices and services, vendors, technologies, policies, constraints, validations, and transition mapping/logic.

It’s the key to solving this Kafkaesque (room) situation.
You can eat the bandwidth cake AND have it full.
It’s like… well – you get it.

NetACE users tell Atrinet they can realize savings of up to 80% on their total network Opex by implementing the solution’s modular toolbox.
New integrations and Deployments (CI/CD) takes minutes instead of weeks!

Thanks to these features:

  • DeepAuto-discovery – ongoing and live topology discovery, changes, and visualization backed by an open library of more than 70 vendors and 1500 ready-made NE models
  • FullFCAPS 
  • Intelligent Network Automation – mass software updates, loopback event triggers, parameter configuration – and much more
  • One network mediation, One OSS API

“The key to harnessing the power of SDN and open APIs and to bridge the traditional telecom network with the hybrid-cloud environment is NetACE,”  says Ohad Kamer, CMO of Atrinet.
Atrinet is the proven technology partner to help CSPs and system integrators navigate the challenges and implement the new management and control architecture.”


Ohad Kamer
Atrinet, Ltd.

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