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Open Networks Automation

Bridging the gap between OSS/BSS systems and multi-vendor open networks with Open Network Automation


Holistic Network Management FOR

System integrators are always on the look for offering their customers (CSPs and Enterprises) the most advanced way to automate their management and operations of multi-vendor multi-technology networks. Technologies like 5G, Private Wireless, Open RAN, and Transport networks require a new approach offered by Atrinet using NetACE – an open low-code approach to open network automation.

Fast Network Penetration FOR

Open networks are changing rapidly and new standards and requirements are game changers for the vendors who offer open networks solutions. It is also a great challenge for vendors who provide partial solutions like NOS or Whitebox vendors to be integrated with the entire open network management and control. Atrinet offers a complete open network management solution to vendors, that helps them to introduce their products in short time-to-market.

Open Networks Automation FOR

CSP networks become more and more multi-vendor, multitechnology, virtual and cloud, open and disaggregated. Network Discovery & Automation solutions are a necessity to simplify their operations, reduce OPEX and error prone activities, provide a consistent real-time view across their networks, and improve customer experience.

Central Network Operation FOR

Enterprises that have their own data centers or private mobile networks are facing challenges regarding managing global, multi-site, multi-vendor networks. The Open networks Automation solution automating all discovery, provisioning and network management processes enables a unified management system for Enterprises.

Benefits and Business Value

Short time to market – fast low code adaptation of Open network Automation with minimal effort

Simplified Network Operation and reduced OPEX

Increased group efficiency – replace numerous costly and time-consuming legacy practices relating to manual equipment configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance

Consistent service delivery – reduced risk of human error, improved network performance based on self-learning, self-improving automated network

Reduced TTM to onboard new network vendor and technology, using modeling and low-code approach

Efficient and effective network operations based on accurate data, using Auto-Discovery functionality

Reduced dependency on network vendors’ systems & experts

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Our Customers Saying

“Atrinet is an official Nokia Networks Services Providers for carrier Ethernet Transport (CET) solution as well as Telecommunication Application Servers (TAS) which includes the SMSC and MMSC platforms.”

“With the help of Atrinet’s vendor-agnostic, self-customizable network configuration & orchestration platform (NetACE) and Veryx’s service assurance and diagnostics product (SAMTEST), customers will have access to an integrated solution that performs zero touch roll-out, and active monitoring & diagnostics of multiple circuits simultaneously.”

“NetACE to enable Hudson Fiber Network’s (HFN) network into an agile, multi-vendor, programmable network infrastructure, with on-demand service delivery and rapid onboarding of new technologies”

“Devoteam use NetACE to enable its customer’s automated deployment and interconnection of all components for the network scenarios as well as network service lifecycle management assuring smooth and low risk migration to the next generation networks while maximizing the greatest benefit possible from their network technology investments.”

“NetACE plays the pivotal role in the next-generation Partner Communications OSS solution to create seamless real-time network automation and SDN programmability of the Carrier Ethernet and MPLS business network environment. This will accommodate substantial traffic growth and rapid increase in the number of business and residential customers Partner Communications faces today.”


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