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For the past decade, Atrinet has been igniting ingenuity in the telecom field. As an Ex-Nokia company, we strive to provide major players in the Telecom industry with better systems and processes, resulting in better service for their clients.

Whether with an entire NMS or just hand-picked VAS applications – we deploy the future – today.

Atrinet CPaaS
Unlimited Revenue Potential

What is CPaaS?

Integrate essential communication features such as SMS, MMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, Google-RCS, and more, into applications and services using a robust back-end infrastructure and versatile APIs. Simplifying complex communications, making them more intuitive and impactful for your business.

CPaaS for Operators

Empower operators to innovate, generate new revenue streams, and strengthen customer relationships in a rapidly evolving communication landscape.

CPaaS for Aggregators

Manage and Deliver communication services across multiple channels and devices. Include Route management, Firewall, Country, Sender ID, MCC/MNC rate plans, Two-Way Messaging, Virtual Mobile Numbers, Client/Reseller management, and more.

Discover cutting-edge technology with our spotlight on the latest innovations.

5G SMS Function (SMSF)

In 5G networks, supporting SMS remains vital for IoT services, OTA updates, multi-factor authentication, legacy network communication, and roaming. Atrinet's SMSF supports both NSA & SA 5G, including optional IMS interworking.

Made With Kubernetes

Futureproofing our product, all solutions are made to support Kubernetes containers

First-in-the-world SMS Firewall with Built-in URL checker - Partnership with Google Web Security

Our content-based filtering verifies each URL in SMS messages against Google's Security Services advanced database, ensuring Safe and Secure delivery, without relying on traditional block lists.

Atrinet's Products & Solutions

Streamlined & Robust VAS Solutions

Harnessing the power of AI, 5G, and cloud technology, we create agile, scalable, and future-proof VAS solutions. Our innovations empower Telecom Service Providers to lead the market and maximize revenue.

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