Atrinet Helps Service Providers Seamlessly Transition from Traditional to New Emerging Network Services With AMDOCS

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Atrinet, a leading provider of network management solutions, announced that its Network transition and multi-vendor SDN enabler (NetACE) solution is being used with Amdocs‘ operational support systems suite to offer service providers, globally, the ability to smoothly transition from traditional to new emerging network services.

As service providers work to keep networks up-to-date with new emerging services and technologies, they tend to have a large installed base of different vendors’ equipment and services. Major efforts are required in order to reduce risks and costs and to keep these existing networks and services maintained and operational, while adding new equipment and services, which should be managed and provisioned from the same platform.

The ability to manage and provision new network elements and services, or support changes in existing services in a timely manner, are key for allowing customer networks the ability to compete in changing environments. Having a single, common network mediation and orchestration platform delivers on these needs, while driving operational cost savings. By deploying Atrinet’s NetACE solution as part of Amdocs’ operational support systems (OSS) suite, service providers can maintain their platforms, cut network operational costs, shorten service delivery time, and reduce the risk associated with the introduction of new network services.

“Service providers are always looking to update their networks with the latest technologies, yet are equally concerned with their ability to integrate between the existing and the new,” said Matthieu Loreille, Head of Network Marketing at Amdocs. “This integration is key if they are to quickly and efficiently introduce new network elements without losing the ability to manage and control other parts of the network, and if they are to deliver a consistent customer experience on top of it all.”

“With the introduction of new services, service providers still need to integrate them into BSS and OSS environments to offer convergent support across multiple vendors and technologies and a variety of new and existing equipment,” said Ohad Kamer, Founder and CMO at Atrinet. “Our collaboration with Amdocs introduces a solution that allows service providers to achieve this, cost-effectively.”

About Atrinet

Atrinet ( is a software vendor and services company specializing in Network Transitions and Multi-vendor SDN enablement. Atrinet’s comprehensive suite of products and services make legacy and emerging network technologies seamlessly interact and evolve enabling Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to transform their networks to meet today’s demands using NetACE®, a unique model-driven, DevOps-enabled, network discovery and automation framework.

Atrinet is built on many years of experience and an in-depth knowledge in legacy and emerging technologies. It has delivered complex use cases and projects including network discovery and understanding, automation, network rollouts and more, working side-by-side with CSPs’ Operations and Engineering teams, vendors and system integrators.

Press Contact:

Ohad Kamer
Atrinet Ltd.


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