Atrinet & Radiflow Collaboration in the OT Cybersecurity Sector

20 - June 2023
Atrinet & Radiflow OT Cybersecurity

Atrinet is proud to announce our collaboration with Radiflow in the OT Cybersecurity sector. Together, we are revolutionizing the analysis of OT networks, bringing enhanced flexibility and coverage to our clients. 

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With Radiflow’s groundbreaking CIARA 4.0 release, we help illuminate vulnerabilities in network devices and map recommended security controls using the powerful breach attack simulation (BAS) engine. This empowers CISOs of critical infrastructure facilities, production plants, utility operations, and logistics centers to confidently combat evolving threats


In addition, our partnership with Radiflow enables seamless integration with their analytics platform, providing quick risk assessment insights. Our collaboration brings greater automation and visibility to OT networks, allowing CISOs to optimize and justify their security budgets even amidst budgetary pressures.


We are honored to be part of this collaborative effort in the maturation of the OT cybersecurity industry. By working together, we are delivering better solutions that serve the needs of critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and defense organizations. Automation and continuous threat analysis are at the forefront of our mission to secure OT networks in today’s dynamic market landscape. 


We would like to express our gratitude to the entire team at Radiflow for their dedication and partnership.
Together, we are paving the way for a more secure OT future.