Vendor Agnostic Lifecycle Service Manager and Automation Platform

NetACE enables lifecycle service & device management capabilities, the solution is powered by unique Model-driven Service Design, utilizing Data modeling language and vendor agnostic makes the service provider’s operational environment much more agile. All this while moving away from hard-coded, rigid service structures and tedious device adapters (drivers) maintenance to reusable and rapidly editable at runtime service and device models. NetACE also facilitates accelerated time-to-market when introducing new services into their portfolio or deploying new device vendors. Operators significantly improve their responsiveness to business demands through a simple, network-aware service design approach (no programming skills or system upgrades required) and rapid cross-vendor service provisioning. For complete flexibility, product and service managers are able to add new service models to the NetACE at any time with no impact on the non-stop operation of the system. This translates into a reduction of overheads throughout all network operations and completely liberates the operator from vendor lock-in.

Atrinet’s NetACE is designed to orchestrate the entire lifecycle of network services that span different vendors and technologies in a centralized and error-free manner (i.e. service design, service configuration, service planning, service activation, network resource optimization and allocation, runtime service modification, service reconciliation from the network, service assurance, service performance monitoring and deletion). The end-to-end provisioning of network services or service chains is performed in a single and safe transaction across multiple silos using a unified service data model. Instantiation of network services from the NetACE catalog can either be requested by an operations engineer using the GUI or be triggered by 3rd party B/OSSs using programmable APIs thus achieving fully automated and optimized provisioning and control of a multi-vendor, multi-technology network environment.

NetACE is a model-driven NMS platform that provides service orchestration and automated network provisioning of physical and virtual multi-vendor Ethernet, IP and MPLS infrastructure as well as Firewalls, Load-balancers, Mobile Radio Base-stations, Microwave and other types of network equipment. NetACE also offers customizable Resource Management capabilities enabling centralized management of network resources and automatic policy-driven resource allocation, automatic cross-vendor Topology Discovery for building dynamic network maps and FCAPS functionality for any network device.

NetACE’s open northbound programmable APIs enable rapid and low cost integration with 3rd party service fulfillment tools, Inventory Management, Billing and CRM systems.

NetACE is a carrier grade network management platform, thus supports fully redundant and distributed multi-layer system topology with a load-sharing and realtime database replication mechanism, installed over a virtualization platform (VMs) and has the proven scalability of 100K NEs and 500K network services.

NetACE Key Feature Set

  • Comprehensive Lifecycle Service Orchestration of vendor agnostic L2-L3 and L4 network services (E-LINE, E-LAN (VPLS and H-VPLS), E-TREE, L2 VPN, L3 IP/MPLS VPN, Firewall Rules, BGP Policies, complex Service Chaining, etc.)
  • Off-the-shelf service design and provision to any L2-L3 and L4 network device in Vendor Agnostic & Device-Adapter-Free Architecture
  • Model-driven Service Design via web-based  intuitive graphical interface,
  • Simplified Data Modeling Language» for network engineers to design network services
  • Dynamic catalog of competitive new services that can be deployed and modified end-to-end in minutes rather than in days or weeks.
  • Traditional and virtual network automation and programmability for “hands-free” service configuration management through northbound programmable APIs (requested by 3rd party Service Fulfillment Tools).
  • Service Discovery from Network (including reconciling existing “Brownfield” services from the network based on service models).
  • Stateful understanding of network configuration on a per device/service instance basis
  • Realtime and end-to-end Service Assurance and Performance Monitoring for all Services & Devices
  • Centralized Network Inventory Management for all services and devices.
  • Single pane-of-glass for transaction-safe and cross-vendor service provisioning and operational management.
  • Any modification of any service instance on the fly: e.g., change bandwidth, quality of service (QoS), add/remove sites, etc.
  • Service Planning (pre-provision a service in the NetACE database – not on the devices – to validate service deployment scenarios and allocate network resources (aka “Zero touch provisioning”).
  • Self-defined network Resource Management for network-aware and policy-driven mapping of services to network resources.
  • Cross-vendor Automatic Topology Discovery and Fault Management, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security Management (FCAPS) for any vendor and device type
  • Customizable Network Configuration Management and Task Scheduling for automating and tracking repetitive network maintenance tasks (e.g configuration backup and restore, network upgrade, and other bulk network operations).
  • GUI-based definition of MIB-object rules for any vendor/device type at runtime, with no impact on the non-stop operation of the system.
  • Northbound APIs: REST, Corba, XML;  Southbound APIs: SNMP, NETCONF, CLI
NetACE Datasheet
NetACE Whitepaper