NetACE™ White Label NMS – Your Shortcut to PoC and RFI/RFP

18 - May 2021
White Label NMS Atrinet NetACE
By Ohad Kamer

Time to Compliance is a critical success factor for any Vendor of Networking and IOT equipment.
Responding fast to an RFI/RFP with NMS/Domain Controller requirements, including unified Web GUI and Open Northbound API – is a deal-breaker.

Few Vendors, however, can afford to re-allocate valuable R&D resources from existing roadmap commitments or ramp up new ones in a relatively short time.

Adapting to an Open Network style

This is especially relevant in today’s Open Networking solution architecture. Open Networks are still a work in progress, with many evolving standards and variations. Vendors have to quickly adapt to all of the various flavors being implemented. Moreover, the migration from single Vendor silos to best-of-breed implementations, including disaggregated hardware and software solutions, requires integration between many Vendors’ NMS.

The Atrinet NetACE™ White Label NMS is specially tailored to NOS, Software, and Hardware Vendors to enable full utilization of Vendor product FCAPS NMS in a matter of weeks.

NetACE™ White Label NMS enables Vendors to strategically expand their activity to newly available deployments in a more profitable manner.

NetACE™ White Label NMS has proven itself over and over again, providing our partners with increased value by offering industry-leading technology, maximizing customer satisfaction, and providing unprecedented ROI – all achievable with our state-of-the-art WebGUI, design environment, OpenAPIs, and cloud-based applications.

Business and Technological Benefits

  • Support immediate compliance with all items at any RFI/RFP where there is a request for NMS capabilities.
  • Shorter Time-to-Market with the introduction of new product capabilities (3-4 months).
  • Immediate integration with other Vendors’ NMS.
  • Support for full FCAPS of new product lines.
  • Cloud-based solution.
  • Visibility of all HW/SW/NOS features via informative and modern Web GUI.
  • Open NBI (RESTAPI, NETCONF…) – essential for 5G deployments and low touch operation.
  • Automation of testing of NOS functionality per release version.

Atrinet’s White Label NMS solution offering is a no-brainer for Vendors needing to commit quickly to performing a PoC or implementing initial deployments”   says Ohad Kamer, CMO & Co-founder of Atrinet.
“The solution is ideal for introducing new technologies – offering an agile design environment able to adapt in real time to changes.”

Cost and Engineering Savings

  • Reduce expensive R&D resources needed to develop, support and maintain NMS by >80%.
  • Attractive business model – low risk – GROW AS YOU GO offerings designed to help Vendors reduce their risk while offsetting costs and resource burdens.
  • Mitigate the learning curve needed to develop APIs to upper layer tools.


Ohad Kamer
Atrinet, Ltd.

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