Open RAN – The Importance of Vendor-Agnostic EMS

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Open RAN – A glimpse into the future

Mobile Network Operators are investing in trials and early deployment of Open RAN networks worldwide.

The Open RAN Market will increase 10 times (!) its current value in the next few years, according to leading Telecom Industry analyst Dell’Oro, and shared by the global research leader Omdia.
Currently consisting of 1% open solutions, the O-RAN market value is expected to increase tenfold, skyrocketing to 10% by 2025.

Lower capital costs and an Open Disaggregated approach motivate MNOs to focus on Open RAN solutions, creating best-of-breed solutions and avoiding Vendor lock-in.

Making O-RAN solutions commercially viable is not an easy task. From testing and integration to full management and AI/ML-based automation and Inventory discovery.
Multiply these costs by each vendor you have and we’re in a pickle…

The standards are evolving every day, and you should too

Atrinet’s NetACE, a Vendor-Agnostic EMS, Is the new game-changer solution to make your network management and deployment easier, and a lot more cost-effective.
This Vendor-Agnostic EMS is part of the Open-RAN SMO layer that provides:

  • Full Discovery – Faults, Configuration, Performance, and Security managed at ease.
  • Vendor Agnostic EMS – Single Unified FCAPS management for ALL O-RAN elements.
    This is done via O-RAN O1 Interface directly connecting to O-RAN element and functions, and indirectly via the RAN vendor’s EMS NBI, during the transition phase to fully open architecture.
  • Open xHaul (FrontHaul, MidHaul, BackHaul) – Handled by the Vendor-Agnostic SMO, and provides Discovery, Full-FCAPS management for the Disaggregated Open RAN and Open xHaul domains.

Currently used by large and small Service Providers and Enterprises, NetACE revolutionizes the multi-Vendor workspace, with Zero-touch rollouts and Active monitoring & diagnostics of multiple circuits simultaneously.

Flexibility is Key

The importance of model-based vendor-agnostic EMS solution is the key to the fast and flexible introduction of Open RAN solutions,”

says Yaron Nachman, Director of Pre-Sales at Atrinet.

“This means being able to add and change new network elements, services, and logical connections quickly and accurately as well as offering MNOs the flexibility to integrate and manage vendor elements that best suit their needs.”

Press contact:
Ohad Kamer
Atrinet, Ltd.


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