What if you could implement the benefits of segment routing with PCE faster and easier with improved cost-effectiveness?

27 - October 2021
By Ohad Kamer

Since Segment Routing coupled with Path Computation Element (PCE) technology was introduced several years ago, network operators have already begun to implement the online traffic engineering mechanism to reduce network complexity and add control flexibility across multi-area, multi-level networks.

Nevertheless, some network equipment vendors have yet to incorporate this technology and for those that have their implementation may be too complex or costly for a variety of public and private network applications.

Atrinet NetACE provides a cost-effective alternative to these higher end implementations. NetACE is especially applicable for smaller service provider architecture, newer Open RAN 5G network slicing activities and enterprise networks.

NetACE automatically discovers and stores all physical and logical network resources in real-time. It provides views for Segment Routing overlay and policies, underlay network, as well delivering performance management and reports for the user.

Atrinet NetACE Segment Routing management coupled with PCE is capable of supporting enterprise, fixed, and mobile services across the transport network – all based on a state-of-the-art cloud-native, micro-services network automation solution, using a model-driven multi-vendor, multi-technology design environment.

NetACE main benefits for service providers, vendors and private network operators include:

  • Very agile solution to match special features required by the customer
  • Better time to market
  • Moving from single vendor silo solution to a multi-vendor environment
  • Improved network scalability and reduced Capex and Opex
  • Solving the scalability challenges MPLS networks
  • Providing on-line traffic engineering capabilities across multi-area and multi-level networks
  • Delivery of performance-engineered paths at the service level, including characteristics such as disjointness and bi-directionality.
  • Offering new services such as bandwidth calendaring and bandwidth on demand.

Using NetACE Segment Routing management and PCE engine you can:

  1. Provision a network wide service, by point-and-click, assuring the shortest path and guaranteed SLA. It also automatically assigns a secondary path in advance to ensure an alternative path in a case of a primary failure.
  2. SRLG support (Shared risk resource group) – to prevent in advance any possible scenario of a network failure caused by a set of links that are sharing a common risky resource
  3. Selected list (white list /black list) that helps the service provider to overcome known constraints of the network, by binding services to pass via specific selected links or bypass them

With open networks based on multi-vendor, multi-technology becoming more common, the demand for Segment Routing with PCE will grow as well. Atrinet NetACE enables vendors and system integrators to implement Segment Routing with PCE with greater efficiency and at a lower cost, providing the traffic engineering technology at a reasonable cost, creating a win-win solution for service providers and their customers.

Press Contact:
Ohad Kamer
Atrinet, Ltd.
Email: ohad.kamer@atrinet.com

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