‘Open RAN will Pump $285 Billion into the World Economy’ Says Analysts

12 - June 2021
Open RAN Automation
By Ohad Kamer

Inventory and Service Automation Dynamically Interacting Between Upper Layer OSS/BSS and the Disaggregated, Multi-Vendor Layers Below – Will Make It Happen

In a recent May issue of SDX Central, editor Matt Kapko cites a Dell’Oro Group report that “sales of Open RAN basebands and radios, including software and firmware, captured less than 1% of the RAN market in 2020, but growth surged fivefold during the first quarter of 2021.”

Kapko further reports that “analysts now expect open RAN revenues to nearly double this year. The collective push to disaggregate network infrastructure doesn’t just impact the RAN market. Open RAN could pump at least $285 billion into the global gross domestic product by the end of this decade, … according to Analysys Mason.”

Automation is the Key to Open RAN

The promise of Open RAN will be realized through software-programmable inventory and service automation enabling dynamic management of all network resources backed by a closed-loop AI/ML, responding to events in real-time. Automation will simplify management of essential 5G network functions such as network slicing, permitting customized solutions per subscriber and SLA, and give a significant boost to accelerating the rollout of IoT applications.

Atrinet NetACE is the ideal solution to make CSPs (and the economy at large) realize the promise and benefits of Open RAN,” says Ohad Kamer, CMO of Atrinet. “NetACE can help CSPs everywhere to navigate the chaos of complex networks with a simple, open, vendor agnostic, and automated network discovery and management system.”

NetACE is Bridging the Gap

NetACE can be thought of as the ‘glue’ between upper layer OSS/BSS/Optimization systems and all of the multiple devices, domains, technologies, protocols, and vendor flavors comprising the Open RAN. This means that every addition or change made in the RAN will be transparent to the upper layers – no need for complex time-consuming integration, retraining staff to learn new commands,” adds Kamer.

Cloud-based NetACE with open APIs provides real-time discovery and harvesting of network information granting unified visibility to LTO and upper-layer applications. It utilizes a unique codeless modeling design environment to reduce the time and efforts of integrating diverse hardware and software elements, also enabling off-line “what if” scenarios.
This allows for real-time implementation of network changes – services, elements, NMS – through automated provisioning and commissioning mechanisms.
Database analytics (AI/ML) with real data find weak spots and bottlenecks or simulate network growth, backed by a smart and fast response system, to react in real-time to network anomalies and ensure network health.

This is just the Start!

“Our industry’s journey to open, virtualized and disaggregated networks has just begun,” says Ohad Kamer, CMO, and co-founder at Atrinet. “With Atrinet, CSPs, OSS/BSS vendors, and leading equipment vendors can find a reliable and experienced partner to ensure a uniform end-to-end solution to manage and automate the multi-vendor, multi-technology network.”

Ohad Kamer
Atrinet, Ltd.

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