How to become a Digital Service Provider – with Hybrid Networks!

How to become a Digital Service Provider – with Hybrid Networks!

How to become a Digital Service Provider – with Hybrid Networks!

There can be no doubt that becoming a Digital Service Provider (DSP) is currently at the top of the agenda of every Communication Service Provider (CSP) in the world. The advantages are too important, the pressure of competition too high and the possibilities too attractive to ignore it.  So the clear priority acknowledged throughout the whole telecom industry is: CSPs need to transform to DSPs.

Obviously this transformation process is a huge undertaking and has multiple aspects: it requires technology transformation to convert network(s) and applications, optimization and acceleration of all processes, as well as automation that will ensure significant reductions in cost and time and last but not least it requires significant mindset and skill changes in the organization.

Looking at our DNA, we in Atrinet will focus mainly on the first area of enabling CSPs to bring their networks into the new digital world while not losing sight of the bigger picture.

So what are we doing to make a huge difference? By focusing on one of the perhaps most important cornerstones in such a transition, we are helping Operators and Enterprises to manage hybrid networks  a mix of multivendor legacy hardware and next generation virtual cloud-based functions.

Using a single software tool and working in parallel with existing OSS systems and SDN controllers in extremely reliable is what our tool NetACE excels in and that’s what makes it so unique.

The rollout of next generation networks (cloud-based, purely software defined and software driven, with virtual network functions) is ongoing and clearly the way to go. However, it is also true that more than 99% of existing networks and certainly more than 80% of current network deployments are classical physical devices. So there is a huge need to take networks to the stage where both technology generations, legacy and cloud-based, are supported at the same time. To address this challenge, we have taken a simple and pragmatic approach: NetACE revolves around three different scenarios that cover most important use cases:

NetACE enables Network Transition: It starts with the discovery and understanding of existing networks – onboarding new vendors and technologies (including virtual network functions). This specifically includes all existing network services to be delivered across these different technology generations and products from different vendors. It is precisely for such a network that we have developed a robust and consistent network and service management product, allowing any type of new application to access all network resources including services via one simple Rest API. These capabilities are certainly interesting for Operators directly but also for large System Integrators, who deliver higher layer business processes and need an easy and efficient way to handle network complexity.


Based on this consistent and unified network view, Mass configuration in Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) of new services (e.g. enabling VoLTE features in multi-vendor and multi-technology environments) can be executed in a fully automated process. Compare this to some “state-of-the-art” mass-rollouts (e.g. roll-out of preconfigured CPEs) where the configuration of the deployed devices may be automated but the surrounding network is not. With a preconfigured intelligent service, which is automatically activated as soon as the first device is turned on, the new device itself together with all the services it offers is properly configured as well as the network to which it is connected – true ZTP indeed!

SDN controllers lack the ability to manage legacy devices well. With our simple plug-in software, the Multi-Vendor SDN Enabler, we enable SDN controllers to handle classical devices such as Cisco routers or Juniper Firewalls as “modern” Software Defined Network equipment. A very attractive proposition for Operators, System Integrators and Vendors!

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