Atrinet Becomes Full Member of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Community

02 - December 2021
Atrinet TIP Member

Atrinet aims to Strengthen Its Cooperation with Open Access Stakeholders and Deepen Its Impact on the Development of Open Automation Standards-Based Technology

For the past few years, Atrinet has worked closely with members of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to realize a shared vision of how open, disaggregated and standards-based technology can bring massive benefits to the telecom community and all consumers of digital communications. As part of that effort, Atrinet has been engaged in projects worldwide, partnering with TIP CSPs, vendors, and system integrators to roll out Open networks based on automating discovery, service commissioning, management, and control processes.

“The logical next step for Atrinet was to become a full member of the TIP community, enabling the company to share its know-how and expertise while better understanding the challenges and opportunities of the entire TIP community,” says Ohad Kamer, CMO, and co-founder of Atrinet.

“We intend to contribute our long years of Open Automation experience to the joint efforts of the TIP community. A good example of such contribution is our work in the TIP Open Automation Solution Project Group, where Atrinet has been a key partner along with Vodafone Ziggo and MTN.”

Atrinet is particularly keen to employ its understanding and practice of developing and implementing automation building blocks to OpenRAN, Open Optical and Packet Transport, private 5G, Connected City Infrastructure, and Network as a Service among others. Most recently, Atrinet has deployed its trademarked NetACE Network Controller solution with PCE for Segment Routing, a vital component of guaranteeing 5G bandwidth and QoS in network slicing applications.

NetACE is also being used widely as a multi-vendor EMS/NMS for hybrid networks, providing one network mediation and OSS API, replacing multiple vendor management systems, and significantly reducing operating costs and CAPEX.

“The hundreds of participating companies in the TIP eco-system are leading the charge to make the dream of a truly open network infrastructure a reality,” says Kamer. “Atrinet through its membership obligations will continue to contribute to lab tests, POCs, plugfests, trials, trade events, and other activities of the organization. We look forward to a decade of innovation to help the TIP community achieve its mandate to accelerate commercial solutions for a more efficient and interoperable communications landscape.”