Can Open Network and Traditional Equipment Live Together?

28 - November 2019
By Ohad Kamer

Facebook invited Atrinet to take part in a panel about the management of open networks during the 2019 TIP Summit. While there, we also demonstrated our solution alongside vendors like Delta, ADVA, Parallel wireless, IPinfusion, Exaware and many more.

It was a big celebration of vendors and service operators looking at the best ways to have their networks as open as possible and bring innovative solutions to overcome today’s transition challenges. One of the main topics was how to deploy and operate integrated network management that spans the technology domain in a vendor-agnostic environment.

The idea of getting free from vendor lock-in while disaggregating the network and pushing some of the computation power all the way to edges of the network seems to be the talk of the day.

There is also a major discussion about how to utilize existing parts of the Hybrid network in order to get the most out of investments already made.

However, from the operational point of view, this is a real nightmare. Many service providers already have their networks built in phases where each phase is based on different technology (TDM, Packet-based, 3G, 4G …). Therefore, these phases were 1-2 different vendors, equipment, and management solutions – creating islands of solutions within the network. Any CSP’s operational team knows that connecting between the vendors’ islands and setting up services across these islands is very complex and time-consuming and leads to a very expensive OPEX.

In the TIP demonstration, we showed in real-time how multiple vendors with different solutions can be managed and controlled in a unified way. We were excited by the ability to demonstrate how, with only a few clicks, a service can be set up across the different vendors and different technologies. This answers the major operation nightmare of setting up services on Hybrid networks and across vendor islands. The entire end-to-end demo was built from scratch in days, proving the simplicity and agility of the Atrinet solution.

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