Atrinet Together With Its US-based SI Partner Reveal the Easiest Way for Digital Transformation: Enabling SDN Control for Legacy Networks

26 - May 2019

HOD HASHARON, Israel, May 7, 2019 — Atrinet, a leading provider of network management solutions, revealed today, together with its US-Based leading system integrator partner a smooth way for communication service providers (CSPs) to transit their legacy networks to the new virtual world.

Typically, when CSPs deploy new technologies to support new services, they implement separate purpose built networks that have their own network management systems. This is all fantastic news if you’re starting with a Greenfield network approach, but those with a traditional dedicated network face significant operational challenges. Over time, a collection of independent management systems emerges, grow to become an operational nightmare.

The old method of service design, device configuration management, operational state, inventory, service provisioning, monitoring, troubleshooting, and notifications is incompatible with the new. What follows is the exact opposite of what CSPs envisioned when deploying new technologies; operational inefficiencies, increases in operating costs, error-prone deployments, and complexity. The basic argument to the operations team is that this predicament will last briefly while the new network replaces the old. Realistically, for most CSPs, traditional networks represent a sunk asset invest that support revenue streams and services that stay in place for decades.

The ideal solution is to find a way to bring the traditional network under a single management umbrella and automate it. Until recently, the thought of supporting legacy devices in the new control paradigm was a pipe dream. Today, turning an existing, closed network infrastructure into a multi-vendor, agile, and automated one is achievable.

About Atrinet

Atrinet is a software vendor & services company specializing in Network Migrations and Multivendor SDN enablement. Atrinet’s comprehensive suite of products and services enable legacy, and emerging network technologies interact and evolve seamlessly. Through NetACE, a unique model-driven, DevOps-enabled, network discovery and SDN automation framework, Atrinet enables CSPs to transform their networks to meet today’s demands. Atrinet is built on many years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of legacy and emerging technologies. The company has a proven track record of working side-by-side with CSPs’ to deliver complex use cases and projects, including network discovery and understanding, automation, network rollouts, and more.

Press Contact:
Ohad Kamer