DQE consolidates its decade-long partnership with Atrinet

16 - August 2022
DQE Atrinet PR

DQE consolidates its decade-long partnership with Atrinet to deploy NetACE – a Next-Gen Network Transport Controller

June 2022DQE Communications, a fiber-optic Internet and data networking access provider in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, expands its use of Atrinet NetACE as its primary Network Transport Controller for Service Provisioning and NetOps Automation.

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DQE sought after a DevOps, NetOps Automation framework platform that would automate their day-to-day operational work, so they can keep focusing on improving the customer experience and ensuring customer SLAs while lowering operational costs.

What started a decade ago with the ability to deliver services on top of a single vendor, has now grown into a complete Automation platform of a Multi-Vendor network, managing the Mobile Backhaul, Carrier, and Commercial Networks.

Today, Atrinet’s flagship Transport Controller, NetACE, plays an integral role in helping DQE onboard and manage new customers quickly and efficiently. It enables full synchronization between NetOps and DevOps teams, focusing on delivering applications and day-to-day automation networking activities to achieve the best customer SLA.
Using an open modeling approach and design portal, Network Engineers can manage all Network aspects with one platform, including Network and Service Discovery, and Activation of new services in real-time.

“DQE’s top priority is our customers. We are committed to providing them with the fastest data speeds possible, the highest level of service reliability, and the most dependable support,”
says Jim Morozzi, President & CEO of DQE Communications.     “We are proud to be continuing our partnership with Atrinet, sharing the same values of Service, Ingenuity, and Innovation.”

Efi Levi, CEO of Atrinet added:
“We’re happy to continue our journey together, especially with a long-term partner like DQE.  Our ability and experience in transitioning to a fully Digital and Automated Network is highly beneficial for any network operator, and really paves the way for Intelligent, Intent-based Scaling”


About DQE Communications

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, DQE Communications is a fiber-optic Internet and data networking access provider for businesses and carriers throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. A subsidiary of Duquesne Light Holdings, DQE was established in 1997 to provide businesses with secure, reliable, and flexible network services. The company’s continually expanding fiber-optic network currently spans over 4,100 miles, 2,500 buildings, 17 data centers, and 120 business parks. When working with DQE, you get a partner who is dedicated to understanding your needs and committed to delivering a solution that is right for your business. For more information, visit www.DQECOM.com or call 1-866-GO-FIBER.