Atrinet and Veryx Announce Partnership for Agile, Assured, Lifecycle Service Orchestration

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Atrinet, a leading provider of multi-vendor network management and transition solutions, and Veryx, an industry leader in network testing, monitoring and automation, today announced an integrated product partnership that will allow their customers to significantly reduce costs and delivery efforts by automating provisioning, testing and monitoring of new on-demand services such as Carrier Ethernet, L3VPN, SD-WAN, 4G/5G Wireless Front-haul and more.

With the help of Atrinet’s vendor-agnostic, self-customizable network configuration & orchestration platform (NetACE) and Veryx’s service assurance and diagnostics product (SAMTEST), customers will have access to an integrated solution that performs zero touch roll-out, and active monitoring & diagnostics of multiple circuits simultaneously.

“We are excited to be cooperating with Veryx to provide our customers with a solution that builds on our dedication to being the top Network Service Orchestration and Dynamic Discovery solution,” said Ohad Kamer, Chief Marketing Officer of Atrinet.

Atrinet and Veryx will also cooperate to develop the products and services that better adapt to the new competitive analytics-driven, closed-loop automation environment.

“We are pleased to partner with Atrinet, as this demonstrates our commitment to carrier customers, helping them to satisfy the unprecedented demand for assured data driven services in highly dynamic environments, at a rapid pace,” said  David K. Charlu, Chief Executive Officer of Veryx.

The joint solution unifies and automates the entire lifecycle of network infrastructure and services:

  • Design
  • Activate
  • Test/Validate
  • Assure/Monitor
  • Modify
  • Cease/Resume
  • Decommission

Atrinet and Veryx will demonstrate the fully automated provisioning, with auto-service turn-up, at the MEF17 event, booth 403, ‎to be held on 13-16 November in Orlando, Florida. Register here.

About Atrinet’s NetACE:

NetACE is an innovative, model-driven, vendor-agnostic Network Orchestration ‎and Discovery platform that aims to accelerate the migration from legacy infrastructure to NFV ‎and SDN through seamless integration of multi-vendor technologies and highly customizable, low-risk processes. Read about how Partner Communications selects Atrinet’s NetACE.

About Atrinet Ltd.: Atrinet is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of elastic network & service management and transition solutions for hybrid legacy, NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and Software Defined (SDN) networks to accelerate service delivery and empower network operations. Atrinet’s solutions drive unrivaled multi-vendor service agility and speed through an innovative model-based customization approach. or follow Atrinet Ltd. on LinkedIn.

About Veryx SAMTEST and Probes:

Veryx SAMTEST is a fully automated testing and monitoring solution, designed to help service providers in all stages of the service lifecycle, including service design testing, activation testing, monitoring and troubleshooting. SAMTEST supports a range of Ethernet based physical and virtual probes that deliver high accuracy.

About Veryx Technologies: Veryx Technologies provides innovative network monitoring, visibility and testing solutions. Veryx offers flexible and automated products for use in carrier networks, cloud and data center, enterprise, industrial, etc., covering technologies such as IP, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, LSO, NFV and SDN. or follow Veryx on LinkedIn


Ohad Kamer

Veryx Technologies:
Deepak Raghunathan


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