Atrinet is here for your on-site service and technical support

Leave all of the heavy lifting to Atrinet.
From the first-time installation to on-going 24/7 support, you can depend on us to provide your full-service infrastructure and on-site support in the US.

Did your company win a project in the US?

    The US is a unique market from a customer service standpoint.
    At Atrinet, we have the know-how for providing the high-level service needed to succeed in this market and ensure the future business of your company.

    We Designed Our Services For


    That have won or is about to win a project in the US and needs to build the support infrastructure.

    Mature companies or a sub-entity of a big organization

    That would like to promote new technology and local US service is required.

    The Infrastructure Atrinet Can Offer You

    24/7 US-Based

    We work on behalf of your company and allocate the required resources to support your activities in the US.

    Dedicated Setup Lab

    Your technology will be locally installed in our labs based in Dallas, Texas. The lab will serve your sales efforts as well as providing the infrastructure to support customer service activities.

    CRM & Ticketing Services

    Atrinet will manage your customer ticket lifecycle activities.

    The Variety of Services Offered

    Local Engineers

    Receive support from dedicated engineers who are familiar with your technology

    On-site Installation

    Get everything related to installation on-site including testing, troubleshooting and passing the acceptance tests

    Product Updates

    Software upgrade process according to your Customer SLA (Service Level Agreement)

    Pre-Sales Support

    We act as your local technical extension, alongside your sales team providing sales technical support, by doing so, we strengthen your future upsell efforts

    Customer Training & Solutions
    /Product Demonstrations

    We will learn your product, build the training model and deliver it to the customer in the US

    A Service You Can Trust

    Ticket Statuses

    Get a monthly report with ticket statuses and KPIs to ensure everything has been reported, controlled and managed correctly

    Your Own Technology Experts

    Our local service engineers will come right to your door in Israel to learn your technologies alongside your team. This isn’t a one-time job for us – we’re committed to long-term support and becoming an expert on your technology

    Why Choose Atrinet?

    We already have the existing support center in the US and track record of companies that benefit from our services.

    Providing US local support is part of the requirements that you need to meet. Atrinet is your partner to accommodate those needs, saving you time, money and effort.

    Multilingual support, tailored for Hebrew/English speaking customers.

    It’s in our DNA, providing services to more than 100 global and local companies.

    Atrinet meets SLA regulations and international standards.

    Atrinet will support your growth over the years and assist you to build your own setup when you’re ready. All the investment you made remains at your service center once decide you establish a new one.

    Companies We Serve: