Outsourced Maintenance

Outsourced maintenance allows vendors, equipment manufacturers and operators to reduce OPEX while enjoying the benefits of releasing the binds that ties them to non-core activities.

Outsourcing maintenance operations is one of the quickest, most effective methods to get the shift of resources without impacting your customers,


Why outsourcing Maintenance?

  • Enhance your productivity

  • Free up your qualified personnel for the core-business activities

  • Free up environments, work space, utilities and infrastructure

  • Benefit from the specialized competence & methodology of an organization dedicated to providing maintenance services

Atrinet’s Outsourced Maitenance key benefits

  • Reduce support costs by as much as double digit %

  • Reduce operational response times

  • Ensure carrier-class network and service availability

  • Improve and optimize network operations

  • Protect network investment and Maximize ROI

  • Extended support during End of Life phase

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