Make the most of your network by enabling effective technology transformation

We’re proud of our proven track record in providing outsourced R&D and technical
support services, as well as our unique combination of R&D and support engineers
with a focus on telecom product services.

We’ve developed an internal process for fast ramp-up of competence in new
technology domains, as well as OPEX Reduction, mixed resources from high/low
-cost countries, and synergies within existing resources and infrastructure.

Our perfecting maintenance methodology and KPI’s for measuring and improving
service quality are unparalleled. We’re a flexible partner with flexible business models.

Atrinet is your reliable support partner.

Why Atrinet?

Clients trust Atrinet to support, optimize and integrate their existing network technologies in a way that supports their business priorities and enable greater organizational agility. Our leading capabilities include:

NetACE’s special sauce is making your transition fast and simple

Expert team to support mature technologies, optimized networks for the world’s largest organizations.

All our solutions and services are focused on helping organizations optimize network capabilities to generate measurable and meaningful business results.

We provide worldwide onsite/offsite support via our network specialists

With deep experience in telecom IT and Utilities industries

Deep knowledge about mature networking products and applications.

The speed and quality of our network solutions are supported by established tools, methodologies and practices. Our primary asset is our R&D team of 60+ employees of Telecom developer, Solution Architect, NMS developers, Embedded developers, QA team and project managers. 

Supported Services

Mature Products Support

Providing technical support and R&D services for End of Life
products from multiple vendors and technologies. Our services
enable our customers to maximize their ROI on the existing
technology and enables them full control of their transition
process to the next generation technology

HW services

Atrinet has strong relationships with various technology
 leaders; these alliances expand and accelerate the value we
deliver and provide deep knowledge about networking
products and applications HW support is part of Atrinet’s
service scope, we offer: RMA and Spares Parts (SLA- 6 hours
onsite), Equipment rental service for the benefit of projects,
 on-site problem analysis, and diagnosis.

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