vVAS 360°

Complete Services Package by Atrinet

Mobile operators are in the unenviable position of having to cut costs while experiencing slowing growth in mobile service revenues. Under these demanding circumstances, mobile operators need to optimize the way in which they develop and deliver services, and that includes ensuring that their infrastructure is not only fit for purpose but also cost-effective.

To meet present and future needs in the Value-Added Services (VAS) area, Atrinet offers a consolidated package for SMSC, MMSC and VMS services. In an age of increasing competition, service providers must deliver VAS efficiently and reduce OPEX.

The package includes:


SMSC & SMSC Router



Voice Mail

Message Store (NEMS)

One subscriber data base – NPS

Nokia TAS platform

Atrinet vVAS package is perfect if you wish to:

Reduce VAS costs

Support all cutting edge technologies including full support of Virtualization, Cloud and NFV

Fast transformation and installation (implementation or migration scenarios as a “plug & play”)

Introduce new capabilities and features

Track record with +100 word wide customers

Comverse VAS SMSC and MMSC
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