Service Modeling

Web based network services crafting tool

As an ecosystem service provisioning platform for multivendor network we developed a service modelling web based application that abstracts and simplifies creation of service from templates for any type of network element and for any type of service.

Using drag and drop functionality enables creation of services such as L2VPN, L3VPN, VPLS and others from pre-defined blocks, as an overlay we supplemented the templates with meta parameters which simplify the provisioning while facilitating smarter service models that combine:

  • Provisioning conditionals that enables the NetACE platform to inspect parameters before configurng the network elements
  • Network resource management makes the use of spreadsheets and endless network configuration lists redundant
  • Resources reservation that prevent usage of already used resources such as network interface, VLAN and others
  • Attachment of service model to specific vendor and specific functionality
  • Automatic next-hop device selection

The service modeling web-app work seamlessly with NetACE, all service models are automatically uploaded to the provisioning platform which makes them instantaneously available for provisioning.

Managing configuring and operating your network services is now easier than ever.

Using Drag & Drop function or manually editing the commands the application generates the following functions:

  • Create – Configuration of new service entity in
  • Delete – deletion of configuration from certain network element
  • Modify – change service attributes or parameters
  • Discovery – Configuration template that used as pivot for discovering replications of this service in the network
  • Assurance – Attaching connectivity KPIs to service status

The application generates meta language  which includes, allocation of specific commands to specific devices, selection of resource based parameters, conditionals check-ups which prevent configuration of parameters in case pre-config check in the device or in the network fails.