NetACE Multivendor

Generic Network Management System

NetACE Multi-vendor Network Management offers a comprehensive network monitoring, configuration and diagnostic capabilities for telecom operators and communication service providers (CSP) and carriers. Our solution increase the efficient of network operations by enabling  quick detection of failure,  mass configuration changes wither in scheduled or on-demand. Reduce the time to identify problems and troubleshoot issues, segmentation of the network into easy and manageable clusters.

The NetACE Multivendor management provides:

  • Management of any vendor’s Ethernet, MPLS and IP and optical equipment
  • Deployment of hundreds of new networks elements per month
  • Complete network overview
  • Real-time status display of all the network elements
  • Trouble-shooting and service outage indicative tools
  • Scheduled configuration changes,
  • Bulk modifications tasks
  • Network image backup
  • Setup routines run
NetACE Multi Vendor Management Platform
  • Automatically discover the network device inventory and links
  • Quick and intuitive  introduction of new NEs tool
  • Complete FCAPS Support
  • Automated configuration backups and SW upgrades with an advanced scheduler
  • Scales up to 50,000 network elements
  • Connectivity to 3rd party Operation Support Systems (OSS)
  • Carrier grade redundancy and Agility
  • Advanced provisioning capabilities